• Re-Entry by Marc Goh
  • Re-Entry by Marc Goh

Re-Entry by Marc Goh

We were given the task of creating a cover for Marc Goh’s debut science fiction novel “Re-Entry”.

“In 2078, Commander Tayek is sent on a desperate mission to investigate an anomaly which suddenly appeared in the heliosphere at the edge of the solar system. No sooner has the mission reached it’s destination when all contact is lost, and the anomaly disappears. Two hundred years pass and the mission is nothing more than a footnote in the unproductive history of space exploration. In 2281 an astonished night shift at the New Kennedy Space Center receive a faint signal – Commander Tayek is requesting a re-entry vector. But he isn’t the same man who left, and Tayek claims to hold the key to mankind’s survival.”

The book will be launched in mid 2013, the cover design needed to be flexible for both print and eBook versions.

Date: 2013 Client: Marc Goh Skills: Book Cover Design