• Hangman by Marta Nehls
  • Hangman by Marta Nehls

Hangman by Marta Nehls

Marta Nehls asked us to create a book cover for her book “Hangman”, she wanted something which would stand out in the busy biography genre.

“Hangman explores the life of Clinton Truman Duffy. Raised by his prison guard father in the violent hell of San Quentin State Prison, Clinton would himself go on to become the Prison Warden and oversee more than ninety executions during the 1940s. Having spent his entire life surrounded by incarceration and retribution, Duffy develops a profound hatred for capital punishment and dies a staunch campaigner for prisoners rights.”

Nehls’ book is due for publication in 2014

Date: 2014 Client: Marta Nehls Skills: Book Cover Design